'The Light from Within'. Sigma Art lenses. A real world application in amazing Cambodia with MK.

Real life results with the Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 wide angle zoom lens.
The 50mm Art f1.4 lens and the 24-105mm Art f4 lens in Cambodia.
all images by Michael Klinkhamer/http://cambodiaphototours.asia with Sigma art lenses.

Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens.

Sigma 50mm f 1.4  Art lens.

Sigma Art 24-105mm f4

Shooting with my trusty Nikon D160 FX and Nikkor lenses during the Cambodian Photo tours is always challenging and rewarding.

Being a longtime user of the pro line Nikkor lenses since 1980s I am used getting great results from the nikkor pro line f2.8 lenses, but I also love to experiment and work with other exquisite glass on my Nikon if the opportunity arises
The  Cambodian Sigma lenses importer W&H based in Phnom Penh Cambodia asked me to do a few test shots with some of their Sigma Art lenses.

I  have had heard some good things about Sigma during my workshops. About incredible improvements in build and optical quality. Sigma has changed their strategy by going for quality products instead for cheap mass production. Happy to give it a go!

Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 wide angle zoom lens.
The 50mm Art f1.4 lens and the 24-105mm Art f4 lens.

My first impressions were good, but honestly also a bit of a shock regarding the image 'clear look' and overall build quality compared to my nikkor plastic 50mm f1.8

The Sigma lenses are yours for around $900-$1200 and give you some serious optical and build material quality for your buck,  the Sigma's are not cheap anymore. But are they as good as the Nikons or close to the Zeiss Milvus lenses?

As was able to run the Sigma lenses through their paces during my acclaimed photoworkshop and photo tours in Cambodia. We worked in and around in Phnom Penh, and extensively visited Siem Reap- with its world heritage Angkor Wat Temples and also visited some amazing rural location along the Mekong river near Kratie.
I have not edited the images much at all, in order to maintain the 'original' RAW file optical image quality of the Sigma's with the Nikon d610 camera combo as much as possible. 
Yes, I did some perspective control in Lightroom, some highlights and shadow detail was retrieved. A bit off 'Punch' in LR because I like on the internet that but left the 'base' Nikon/Sigma combo look intact.

Especially the Sigma Art 24-105mm f4 lens was  particularly my favorite, natural anda fine all round workhorse lens. Not only for its slightly longer reach of 105mm, instead of 70mm on the Nikkor zoom but because of its nice built quality, smooth zoom and the main reason; the very sharp and beautiful contrasty results this lens gave me.

At times this lens performed so well it seems there was actually something magical about it, and it seemed as if the light came actually from within the lens. But hey! 
This is Cambodia after all and the light is magical at times as are the beautiful people here. 
The special 50mm Art lens was amazing too, wide open for beautiful 'bokeh' and super sharpness. Great standard portrait and fashion lens.
The Sigma 24-105mm f4 did also perform extremely well in that department  plus the 24mm to 105mm wider & longer lens perspective is what you need on the road all the time. 
Have a look at some of my image results:

Angkor Wat Temples-Ta Prohm Photo Collection by MK with Sigma Art.

'Cham' River nomads community near Phnom Penh photo collection with Sigma Art by MK©. 

Cambodian Temple Life, Landscapes and Stills and Mekong River photo Collection by MK©


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