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Cambodia Photo Tours | Shoot the hiding place of Pol Pot

Cambodia Photo Tours | Anlong Veng a 'secret' local town The next stop after Phnom Kulen is the Preah Vihear Temple mountain for our afternoon shooting and sunset before we head out for the night to Anlong Veng town. This location is on no regular travel itinerary in Cambodia and exclusive experience. As mentioned before Anlong Veng was the last stand from 1978 for over 20 years for the notorious Khmer Rouge cadres and the town is nestled against the Dangrek Mountain at a spitting distance from the Cambodian/Thai border. There is an interesting recent history connected to this place and it's now a friendly dusty place with a tumultuous recent history. After a good night's rest we will explore them and make a moderate hike into the jungle hills by a rented motorbike or our car to see them and visit the almost surreal burial place of one of the most brutal killers of modern history; Pol Pot who lived there until his death in 1998 and his opponent warlord the senior Khme…

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