The Man Between Beauty & War

The man between beauty & war.

                     Images by David A. Feingold from the period 1986-1990.

Phnom Penh 12 March 2020. 

Exhibition and documentary screenings 'WAR & BEAUTY" are now showing at META HOUSE PHNOM PENH.

Return to Year Zero screening on 19 March at 7pm.

Inside the Khmer Rouge screening on 26 March at 7pm.

Life and Death at Preah Vihear screening on 2 April at 7pm. 

Location: META HOUSE #47, Street 178, Khan Daun Penh Phnom Penh

Call 023 218 987
 All images by David A. Feingold © 
Portraits of David A. Feingold by Michael Klinkhamer ©

David A. Feingold in Phnom Penh, March 2020.

David A. Feingold in Phnom Penh, March 2020.

Michael Klinkhamer is a Dutch photographer and journalist working mostly in Asia for the last 10 years. Michael lives permanently in Cambodia and is available for assignments and photography adventures in Cambodia, Thailand, and Australia.
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