Angkor Wat Photography Days in Cambodia.

It was built as the spiritual home of Hindu god Vishnu, and is one of the largest religious monuments in the world, said to represent heaven on earth. Unlike most other temples in the complex, it was never abandoned and has pretty much been in continuous use since it was built. It's still a place of worship today. While most people have heard of Angkor Wat, they don't realize that it's just one temple in a complex of more than 1,000.
The complex is actually a massive 700-year old city, with canals, temples, shrines, and tombs spread over 154 square miles, deep in the lush jungles of northern Cambodia.

Take a look at these pictures to see why it is topped at the list of the world's must-see sites.
When you are able to allow the visiting people in your pictures you can notice Angkor Wat has still a spiritual attraction to its visitors.

Join me in Cambodia for a Photography adventure and learn to see the people and places with your own camera.

© all images by Michael Klinkhamer owner of
Nikon cameras with Zeiss Milvus lenses. 2016-2017-2018©


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