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Cambodia Angkor Blessings Photography Tours 2018-2019 Program.

The new Cambodia Angkor Blessings Photography Tours are available from October 15th 2018 until May 2019.

Cambodia Angkor Blessings Photography Tours:

Cambodia Photo Tour Itinerary: Phnom Penh street photography-Kampong Chhnang-Angkor Wat & Siem Reap. 

*Including all expert photography guiding, transportation, and 4 nights accomodation. 
*clean a/c budget hotels and transportation by VIP minivans.
*not included lunch and dinners and personal expenses or insurances.
*Contact me directly for current and custom pricing details.
*For private tours contact me for your custom tour package, high end boutique accommodation and pricing.

Example Itinerary: 

1. Half & Full day Phnom Penh: When you are strapped for time or just want to see and make pictures of the capital city from a reality standpoint this is for you.
Phnom Penh phototour starts from $75 including transportation.

* we never take large groups max is 6 photographers for maximum personal attention and in order to stay on street level with our subjects.

Full day  Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang by minivan phototour and late afternoon onward travel to Siem Reap for the night, dinner and hotel. Kampong Chhnang is somehow overlooked by the tourist hordes heading to Siem Reap-Angkor Wat and is an exciting rough hard working town at the end of the Tonle Sap river before it runs into the Tonle Sap lake, the largest lake in East Asia.

There are many possibilities to capture great pictures here on and off the water.
The town riverside fish market and port is amazingly chaotic and it's great to see the locals in their fast boats commuting into town to get supplies for the floating homes build on the water. This place is definitely not a tourist destination!

*Option: Phnom Penh full day and Kampong Chhnang full day phototour, including all transportation. Pricing contact me directly.
*Travel by private Taxi to KC and back to PP add $50.
Kampong Chhnang phototour only from $180 full day.

Extended photo adventures:

Example photography off the beaten track adventure Itinerary package: 7 to 12 days.

2. Days our very well received Phnom Penh Photo tour 1,5  or 2 days one overnight.
1. Next day Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang a hardworking off the beaten track fishing town day tour. Over land or boat (floating villages tonle sap lake/river) 1 day- overland travel to Siem Reap/Angkor Wat overnight. 
1. Day Angkor Wat. Sunrise/ Sunset sessions-Siem Reap overnight.
1. Day Hidden temples and Siem Reap countryside/floating villages. (option)
1 Day Siem Reap to Anlong Veng/ former Khmer Rouge last stand of Pol Pot-overnight at Anlong Veng.
1 Day from Anlong Veng to Preah Vihear Temple/ mountain on the Cambodian and Thai Border-overnight (4wd/drive challenge)
1 Day from Preah Vihear-travel back to Siem Reap-overnight and Departure next morning.
Total 8 Days & 7 nights.

Optional: Additional Mekong River photo Safari back to Phnom Penh package:

1 Day continue travel onwards from Siem Reap to Kratie a very pleasant town on the banks of the Mekong. Here we will be able unwind with nature again and will capture the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins the next morning-overnight.
1 Day Kratie and Mekong Island stay on a incredible island in the middle of the river where time stood still-overnight.
1 Day travel back from Kratie to Phnom Penh. 
3 days-2 nights. Total 10-11 days.


This presented itinerary bring us to a total of 10 to 11 Days and offers the best of Cambodia, from street photography in city of Phnom Penh to the nomadic fishing people living on the Tonle Sap lake and river to the mystic architecture miracles of the lost Khmer empire civilization to the more recent horrors of the Khmer Rouge in the years 1975-'79 and the death of Pol Pot in 1998 in the hidden jungle hills border of Cambodia.
From the deep jungles on the border between Cambodia and Thailand with amazing views over the mountain escarpments and grand views back to the warm and wild heart of Cambodia the Mekong river.

All travel can be done with budget local transport or if preferred by private taxi/VIP van with a/c modern cars.
Stay in clean budget a/c fan hotels or guesthouses or boutique/resort hotels.
I can offer my many year of experience in Cambodia as well as a professional photographer/guide and show you the best places and meet the right people and make your travel easy with accommodation reservations if required.

Pricing: Contact me directly for your custom tailored photography adventure price quote.

*Most locations are not on the tourist route and therefore we need to hire a private car that is obviously more expensive than a local bus or VIP minivan.
*We can do a mix of budget and boutique hotels depending also on the budget and locations. Also here there is many options but as we move away from the crowds the prices and options are sometimes limited but always clean and with a/c or fan and wifi. ;)

About Us: 

Over the years since 2013 Michael Klinkhamer has developed a well acclaimed daily photography tour in Phnom Penh.

Together with the various Cambodia wide multi day workshops he has conducted, this experience has evolved into a great know-how base and practical understanding of his adopted homeland Cambodia.

Cambodia is so much more than Angkor Wat, but at the same time the Angkor Wat temples are the spiritual and historical gravity center of the region over centuries and all roads seem to run towards this magical place. An absolute "must see" when you're in the region.

In order to show you the full picture I have put together a Cambodian Photography Program for the fall and winter-springtime of 2018-2019 that will bring you to some of the best locations in my opinion to get to know Cambodia and do the best pictures in a limited time.

We now offer our acclaimed Phnom Penh phototour and including a great day shooting at Kampong Chhnang on our way towards Siem Reap/Angkor Wat.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Cambodia Photo Tours Day Tour to Kampong Chhnang.

Text by ©Michael Klinkhamer.
all images © by MK

This is a day tour photo opportunity for an exciting adventure into the heart of the Cambodian kingdom. Here we can find a lot of subject matter and authentic non touristy Cambodia off the beaten track with its amazing people and it's valuable Tonlé Sap river landscape on the horizon.
Kampong Chhnang is somehow overlooked by the tourist hordes heading to Siem Reap-Angkor Wat and leaves us with a genuine hard working small city with a lot of charm and possibilities do do nice pictures off and on the water.

During the day we will be able to hire a charter boat for an hour or a bit more to get closer to the floating villages doted on the river.

Kampong Chhng is located at the heart of Cambodia. It's bordering Kampong Thom to the North, Kampong cham to the East, Kampong Speu to the South and Pursat to the West. This province is not only at the fertile and almost ever-wet heart of Cambodia, but also just a 91km ride from Phnom Penh, so its a quick jaunt up and perfect for a full day photo outing.

While Phnom Penh is rapidly evolving in a more organized and sleek city, Kampong Chhnang is still a rough diamond for the adventurous traveler who likes to explore and be totally emerged into photography and getting up close with the real Cambodia.

Due to its location next to the Tonlé Sap Lake, Kampong Chhnang's population is predominantly in fishery and rice plantation involved. Especially the provincial capital, which is a easygoing hard working river port town that is worth a visit and our destination. 
The port focuses on servicing the needs for the local people living on the river and is the main port for selling fish and buying tools and hardware for building and maintaining the floating homes and fisheries further up and down stream on the river and the majestic big Tonlé Sap lake.

Personally I love the energy and the sense of freedom these people radiate when they go by in their powerful fast boats.

We depart from Phnom Penh in the morning 7.30am and return around 6.30pm.
Travel is by local bus or private taxi.
Overnight stay in Kampong Chhnang is also and option.
Check back with me if interested for pricing and more information.

The pictures here will give you an idea of what to expect. But there is much more to be found along the port and along the river and further into the country side.
Kampong Chhnang is a hard working rough place were the people live a traditional life on stilted houses or on floating totally comfortable houses on the river and lake. The cultural and ethnic differences are Cambodian, Vietnamese and Cham, living somewhat separated but in harmony. 

About the gear used by Michael Klinkhamer.

FX Nikon D610 with Nikkor f2.8 pro lenses from 24-70m and 70-200mm.
RAW files edited in Adobe Lightroom

All images by © Michael Klinkhamer.

Sunday, May 6, 2018



Waar moet je wezen? Wat moet je zien? Hier zijn de beste    plekken in Phnom Penh volgens fotograaf      Michael Klinkhamer, die er woont.
 artikel Volkskrant magazine 28/04/2018
 tekst Mirjam Bosgraaf.
 fotografie Michael Klinkhamer

Eerst ging hij zijn zoon achterna, die in Azië reisde. Samen belandden ze met een gammele
bus in Phnom Penh. Later lokte de stad hem terug voor fotoreportages.
Toen is hij gebleven. Fotograaf Michael Klinkhamer (58) woont in Phnom Penh in Cambodja. Hij fotografeert de ‘vele gezichten en de realiteit’ van de stad en geeft er
fotografieworkshops met zijn bedrijf

Klinkhamer: ‘Ik ben van de stad gaan houden, soms tegen wil en dank. Phnom Penh is bedwelmend, vaak relaxed, soms keihard. Ik houd van de boeddhistische monniken in hun oranje gewaden, een jongen die zestig kippen op een brommertje vervoert,een Cambodjaanse man slapend in zijn riksja, prachtige oude tempels, intense armoede en beschamende rijkdom, maar ook die plattelandsvriendelijkheid, en het makkelijke menselijke contact.’


Michael Klinkhamer:
‘FCC, de Foreign Correspondents Club, legendarische plek.
Vroeger lazen de internationale journalisten hier de kranten en wisselden ze nieuws uit sinds 1993 over de na sleep van Vietnam- Khmer Rouge-oorlog en de heropbouw van Cambodja.
Ik ontmoet hier meestal mijn fotografiecursisten voordat we de stad ingaan om te
fotograferen. het is een open gebouw in koloniale stijl met donker hout, plafondventilatoren, een pooltafel en fish & chips op het menu, maar ook een goede Cambodjaanse amok (gestoomde vis). Boven is een balkon waar ik graag met een ijskoude
gin tonic in de hand de rivier over kijk.’
FCC, 363 Sisowath

‘Om de hartslag van de stad goed te voelen, neem ik mijn cursisten ook altijd eerst mee naar de drukke Orussey Markt en de buurt eromheen, een soort Chinatown. De marktkooplui drinken
zeer sterke verse koffie en spelen Chinees schaken. We lopen dan ook door de schaduwrijke steegjes waar de middenstand boven op elkaar woont en werkt, langs Chinese medicijnwinkeltjes en open keukens met heerlijk vers streetfood.’
Orussey Markt.

‘Straat 136 is de bekendste uitgaansstraat van Phnom Penh. Niet geschikt voor tere zielen. In de Candybar bijvoorbeeld gebeurt van alles, dansen, drank, nog meer drank, zwaar getatoeerde figuren uit de VS of Australie, ladyboys, spijkerharde muziek. De
mogelijkheid van een ondeugend avontuur hangt altijd in de lucht.’
136 street.

‘Iedereen gaat naar het Royal Palace en de Tuol Sleng S-21 gevangenis waar het Rode
Khmer-bewind tienduizenden mensen heeft gemarteld en vermoord. Ik weet niet of ik een bezoek aan de gevangenis moet aanraden. Misschien is het toch goed om te zien wat er kan gebeuren als zo’n Mao on steroids als Pol Pot aan de macht komt. Van de toeristische locaties vind ik Wat Phnom het mooist en bijna sereen. Phnom betekent berg en Wat tempel. Dit is de tempelberg waar de stad ooit begon, de wieg van Phnom Penh. Er is veel groen, apen hangen in bomen en er staan twee sierlijke tempels en een enorme witte stoepa.’
Wat Phnom & Tuol Sleng-S-21.

‘Vlak naast Wat Phnom ligt dit plein, dat goed laat zien dat de Fransen hier, nog niet eens zo lang geleden, de koloniale heersers waren. Aan het plein staan lichtgele, ietwat versleten koloniale gebouwen. Het is bijna of je in Nice bent. En daarna mediterraan flaneren
over de boulevard aan de rivier, die er ook al zo Franse badplaatsachtig uitziet, met palmbomen en ’s avonds lichtjes en een zwoel windje. En als er dan weer genoeg is geflaneerd, een van de zijstraten in, waar het drukke nachtleven zich afspeelt.’
Cambodia Post, Post
Office Preah Ang

‘Het kan hier allemaal, Frans dineren voor 150 dollar, maar ook heerlijk eten voor 5 of 10 of zelfs 2 dollar. Wat ik wel eens doe, is langs de Tonlé Sap-rivier iets naar het noorden
gaan, in de buurt van de haven, om daar iets te eten in een van die eettentjes die nauwelijks
meer dan een afdakje zijn. Ik kwam daar laatst met Nederlandse klanten en we kregen een mandje met drankjes onder onze neus geduwd en er werd een gasbrandertje met een pan bouillon gebracht, waar van alles ingegooid kon worden, vlees, eitjes, champignons, noedels, een soort bouillon gourmeten.
Erg lekker en maar 5 dollar voor twee personen.’

‘Toen ik hier voor het eerst kwam, trok ik meteen naar de twee rivieren, de aderen van de stad. Op een bepaald punt komen de Tonlé. Sap-rivier en de Mekong daar samen in een
weidse, dampende rivier. Ik heb veel gefotografeerd langs de rivieren, de Chambevolking
bijvoorbeeld, moslimvissers, riviernomaden die met hun families op hun ranke boten even en in simpele hutjes langs de oevers.
Een bezoek aan Phnom Penh kan niet zonder de Mekong te bevaren, op een huurbootje of
met een cruiseboot, er gaan er vele.’

Daily Photo Tour & Workshop in -Cambodia by Michael Klinkhamer. Phnom Penh and also longer day tours for example to Angkor Wat. Professional Photographer Michael Klinkhamer is leading a daily casual photo workshop-tour in Phnom Penh. During the tour you will learn to set your camera for optimum results and discover Phnom Penh City with your camera. This photo workshop is designed to make you a better photographer. For Bookings Call: +855 (0) 60873847. e-mail: website Photographer Michael Klinkhamer:

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Angkor Wat Photography Days in Cambodia.

It was built as the spiritual home of Hindu god Vishnu, and is one of the largest religious monuments in the world, said to represent heaven on earth. Unlike most other temples in the complex, it was never abandoned, and has pretty much been in continuous use since it was built. It's still a place of worship today.While most people have heard of Angkor Wat, they don't realize that it's just one temple in a complex of more than 1,000.
The complex is actually a massive 700-year old city, with canals, temples, shrines and tombs spread over 154 square miles, deep in the lush jungles of northern Cambodia.

Take a look at these pictures to see why it is topped at the list of the world's must-see sites.
When you are able to allow the visiting people in your pictures you can notice Angkor Wat has still a spiritual attraction to its visitors.

Join me in Cambodia for a Photography adventure and learn to see the people and places with your own camera.

© all images by Michael Klinkhamer owner of
Nikon cameras with Zeiss Milvus lenses. 2016-2017-2018©