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Cambodia Photography Mekong River photo safari~adventure with photographer Michael Klinkhamer.

                       *Mekong River photo safari~adventure* 

                               "Into the soul of Cambodia."

                          Join us for a unique 7 days photography adventure in November 2017.
                 Starts on 8 November in Phnom Penh and ends on the 14 of November in Siem Reap.
                    For more information and pricing contact us:  

This exciting, safe and well cared for photography tour-workshop with professional photographer and Cambodia expert Michael Klinkhamer is now available for a 4 or 7-day Mekong River adventure which will offer a true photographic exploration and further discovery of the real Cambodia it’s culture, landscape and it’s people.

Immerge with like minded people into a couple of days of intense photography and learning and exploration along one of the most powerful and sacred rivers of all time, the mighty Mekong.
Small group or private photo tours/ homestay/river/country/cultural experience!

Price?? Get in touch with me for you custom itinerary preferences and personal price quote.   
Including all workshops and guidance.
Additional lectures and inspirational photo presentations.
Your personal pictures reviews and evaluations of the photo work in progress.

For bookings or more information contact me:  or fill out the booking page at
Or call: +85560873847 Skype: klinkfoto (Michael Klinkhamer)

                                                   Our example Itinerary

*Day1. 1/2 day Phnom Penh Photo Tour. Photograph the city from the perspective of an insider and get off the beaten track during this highly rated phototour. We first start with getting into the basics and get the best settings for your camera on street photography and how to do portraits and mingle with the locals when required on experience level. Local information on the do-and dont.

We will visit a selection of hidden locations that no tour book will show you and find interesting architecture and the famous urban jungle ‘white building” and visit a local fishing village and nested on the borders of the Mekong river, and much more spots in PP. 

Starts from 7.15am-until 11.15am. We have lunch and then depart to Kampong Cham-Kratie by private car or minivan. In Kampong Cham we can make a short stop to see the amazing Bamboo Bridge. (seasonable). Arrival in Kratie and dinner/overnight in Kratie.

*Day2After a quick breakfast we set out at 7am for watching/photograph the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins on a small boat in the middle of the river.

This is an amazing experience when you can actually hear the dolphins breathe and watch them swim against the fast flow of the Mekong
This is a very challenging photo assignment because the Dolphins only surface for a moment and it’s hard to predict where and when?
Get your eyes focused for that moment with your telephoto lens ready!

Afternoon hike/walk/cycle/ photography session along the Mekong river in the sleepy town of Kratie on the Mekong river. We cross the river and explore the amazing tranquil Kao Trong Island across from Kratie town in the Mekong river for some natural and local living photography and further exploration on foot and bicycle and you can enjoy a rewarding and cooling swim in the clean Mekong river or in a pool as we have a sunset drink photo session visiting a very nice bungalow resort to enjoy the sunset.

Koh Trong It's one of those semi-timeless Cambodian destinations. filled with sugar palms, paddy rice fields and plenty of pretty Khmer -style wooden houses, it's a delight to either ride or walk around the 9 kilometer circuit circling the Island. 

At the southern tip of the sandy island, you'll will find a small Vietnamese pagoda and on the southwest bank a small floating village. Get in touch with nature and yourself and relax, breath, look! This is the magic of South East Asia.  

                                         Good to know

The proposed and finished Hydro dams in the upper Mekong are a real treat to the biodiversity of the Mekong. There are only around 80 dolphins left and if the hydro dams will be completed it is almost certain the dolphins will be extinct together with the abundance of other fish and fish migration. We will discuss these issues during our post production and image review evening meetings.
We continue our exploration along the river as we will settle down for lunch at the Kampi rapids, where many small islands and some elevation makes the river run really fast.

*Day 3.
Breakfast and we spend some time in Kratie town. A little bit north of Kratie is a hilltop pagoda that offers great views over the surrounds and there is also some great mural art. This is a great landscape photo spot. After lunch we depart back to Phnom Penh by VIP  private car or A/C minivan to Phnom Penh. (6 hours)(Alternative it is possible to continue your Cambodian exploration by going further up the Mekong River towards Stung Treng or head from Kratie toward north eastern Cambodian Mondulkiri and the town of Monourom.)

What’s Included:
Photography workshops and guidance.
Additional lectures and inspirational photo presentations.
Personal picture reviews and evaluations of the photo work in progress.
Transport (AC minivan or tuk-tuk).
2 night accommodation and breakfast.
Entrance fees and dolphin watching boat fees.
Boat hire on the Mekong.

What's Excluded:
Travel into and from Cambodia, we meet in Phnom Penh.
Personal travel insurance and photographic gear Insurance.
Drinks and meals.
Personal expenses, like laundry, gifts, travel expenses outside the workshop.

For bookings or more information contact me:  or fill out the booking page at

Or call: +85560873847 Skype: klinkfoto (Michael Klinkhamer)


About Michael Klinkhamer:

Tour leader and professional photographer Michael Klinkhamer (56 years) lives in Cambodia since 2011 and is from Amsterdam-Holland. “I feel almost like a local by now.
My professional background in photography is close to 30 years and very diverse.     I started out as a portrait/sports/aerial/newspaper and magazine photographer and took on advertising and automotive (cars) for numerous magazine publications and worked for prestigious clients in and outside the studio. In 2008, I made the switch to publishing editorial productions of pictures and words for magazines and focused on articles about travel, interviews about art and architecture as well as exhibiting my work of fine art photography. “

Over the last 3 years I held three photo exhibitions in Phnom Penh galleries and run an intimate phototour company in Cambodia. This Phnom Penh phototour generates a lot of good reviews and happy photographers who are getting the best out of their time and learn how to approach each photograph with the essential task to make it speak for itself, learning to do portraits of locals and training the eye for the hidden treasures we sometimes overlook. As I learnt a lot from my peers in the photography business, it is now my time to share all the experience and know how in film and digital photography with you, and keep learning as well. Photography is never finished ~~MK~2016.

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